Products Based On Speak Freely

  1. Qtalka - They took Speak Freely and modified it very, very little.
  2. Go2Call.Com - A formerly-free PC-to-Phone calling service to several countries around the world. The service uses Speak Freely as part of the Java PC client, and Speak Freely and a proprietary H.323 stack on the servers. It used to use OpenH323 as its H.323 stack.

Other Sites

Here are some other web sites that are in some ways related to Speak Freely and/or other Open Source software:
  1. Fourmilab - John Walker's web site with tons of other free software he has written.
  2. OpenH323 Project - An Open Source H.323 stack that will be used by Speak Freely 8.0.
  3. The Amateur Radio Listening Post - Uses Speak Freely to broadcast Ham Radio over the Internet!
  4. Remote Technical Assistance - UC Davis project for remote teaching.  They've asked the Speak Freely developers to add live audio to it!
  5. SupportNet Online - Merit Network and U of Michigan's technical support in education project.
  6. FlightGear Flight Simulator - An Open Source flight simulator that I want to add live voice radio communications to.
  7. wxWindows - An Open Source cross-platform GUI development framework, much like MFC, but it works! :)
  8. GSM 06.10 Lossy Speech Compression - The GSM library used by Speak Freely.
  9. GIMP for Windows - The Open Source graphics program I use most to create the images on the web site.
  10. WinCVS - Windows port of the popular CVS version control software.
  11. Linux Online - The world's best Open Source operating system, and more stable than Windows.
  12. Mozilla - The Open Source version of Netscape's popular web browser.
  13. Movie Gold Mine - old movies, new movies, and everything in between! The place to buy movies.
  14. FierceVoIP - VoIP Business and Technology Report, is an easy to read twice-weekly email service that brings must read VoIP news to senior executives in the Voice over IP and IP telephony industry.

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