Speak Freely for Windows

Opening a connection file

The Connection/Open... menu item opens a connection using the destination and connection options given in an .SFX file previously created by Connection/Save or Connection/Save As....

If a connection to the host named by the .SFX file is already open, its options are set to those found in the file.

You can also open a connection by dragging an .SFX file from the File Manager and dropping it in an open area of Speak Freely's window. If you make an association between the .SFX file type and Speak Freely, you can launch Speak Freely by double clicking an .SFX file in the File Manager. If a Speak Freely is already running when you double click on an .SFX file, it will appear as a new connection in the existing Speak Freely window.

If you'd like Speak Freely to start with one or more connections already open, you can specify their .SFX files on the Speak Freely command line. Other applications can initiate Speak Freely connections to remote hosts by writing a minimal .SFX file containing the host name, then launch Speak Freely with that .SFX file named on the command line. To connect to host slimy.dwarves.org, for example, you could use the following file:


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