Speak Freely for Windows

Command line arguments

If you'd like Speak Freely to start with one or more connections already open, save the connections in .SFX files, and create a program item (Windows 3.x) or shortcut (Windows 95) which names the saved connections on the Speak Freely command line (target in Windows 95). Be sure to specify a complete path name for each connection file. If you'd like Speak Freely to start minimised rather than as an open window, add the "/S" switch to the command line or choose that mode when editing the properties of the program item/shortcut.

The following command line, which assumes you've installed Speak Freely in the directory C:\SPEAKFRE, starts the program minimised with two connections already open.

c:\speakfre\speakfre.exe /s c:\speakfre\alice.sfx c:\speakfre\bob.sfx

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