Task List

Last Updated - May 30, 1999

  If you would like to volunteer for one of these tasks, please let me (Brian) know.  I will list the task owners as they signup so everyone can see what is being worked on.

Engine Library:

 1.)  Decide which functions to export and their parameters.
 2.)  Separate the core engine from existing interface.
 3.)  Write cross-platform multimedia (audio & later video) code.
 4.)  Incorporate Open H.323 library calls.

New UI:

 5.)  Create new interface with wxWindows framework.
 6.)  Design simple vs. expert menus.
 7.)  Design images for toolbar.

Web Site:

 8.)  Maintain bug database (probably with Bugzilla).
 9.)  Maintain CVS repository for developer collaboration.


 10.)  Write and maintain engine API documentation.
 11.)  Maintain user documentation.


 12.)  Debug latest code.
 13.)  Perform regression testing with previous versions.