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Application Programming Interface

Draft 0.1 - 06/03/1999

by Brian C. Wiles


  1. Introduction
  2. Function Summary
  3. Engine Initialization
  4. Call Initiation
  5. Call Options
  6. Call Termination
  7. Directory Functions
  8. Misc. Functions
  9. Structures
  10. Failure Codes
  11. Implementation Recommendations
  12. Notes


Function Summary

Engine Initialization


Call Initiation


Call Options


Call Termination


Directory Functions


Callback Functions

int AcceptConnection (SFCALL* sfCall)
This function should evaluate the incoming call data via the sfCall structure and return FALSE (0) if the connection should be rejected, or TRUE (-1) if the connection should be accepted.

Misc. Functions



Failure Codes


Implementation Recommendations